What are the risks?

The intervention has been granted ethical approval by Anglia Ruskin University Ethics Committee. This ethical risk assessment has been conducted with regards to the intervention complying with the British Psychological Society (BPS) Ethical principles.

Participants will not be asked to go into any amount of detail in responses to video tutorials and any material posted on the web page is voluntary and it will be advised that participants only share what they are comfortable with sharing on the web page. The research is not asking for anything personal the focus is on positive and empowering messages / content for others to see.

The only material that could be brought up in the intervention are experiences of prejudice however nothing would need to be disclosed from this, if a participant reveals that they are depressed and have considered suicide the researcher will contact them.

The web page is intended to be a supportive place and participants will be encouraged to support any of the members of the group who disclose that they are struggling.

Participants will be contacted by the researcher by email to get feedback and advised to withdraw from the group if necessary.  Information provided will highlight that if for any reason a participants starts to feel upset, unwell or that the intervention is having a negative effect they can drop out and leave feedback.

The participant’s beneficence throughout the study is a key concern. When considering the possibility of participants indicating risk of severe self-harm and deteriorating mental health from the measures used participants will be contacted and recommended that they should withdraw from the study and contact their GP.

This will be explained in the information given to the participants.  The CORE-34 has been chosen as a main outcome measure because of its ability to highlight risk of the participant.  It is widely used with clinical samples and is the most widely used measures for psychological therapies.

My exclusion criteria will be people as severe risk of self-harm.  These people will be excluded from the intervention. The participants at this stage will be anonymous but when it comes to community building any severe drops in wellbeing throughout the intervention will be contacted and spoken to and advised to withdraw after speaking with supervisor.

If participants show signs of becoming distressed throughout the intervention they will be signposted to mental health charities such as the Samaritans, Mind, Stonewall.

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